Install Instructions

How To Use and Safety Instructions for SOFT BOOTS/STRAP CRAMPONS

The ascent plates are designed to provide just enough floatation in soft snow to take the suffering out of long climbs. By allowing the front points of the crampon to engage the snow normally they still allow the crampon to provide an element of security. THESE ARE NOT TRACTION DEVICES. They are designed for use in soft snow, if the snow is firm enough that the plates are not providing float we recommend that they be removed and carried until soft snow is again encountered. They are designed to assist with front pointing, as in kicking steps straight up. They are not intended for side-hilling on firm snow or other hard surfaces, the side rails are for stiffening purposes and are not intended to be an edge for side-hilling.  Ascent Plates are not designed to be used in rocky terrain, hard or variable snow or ice.


The plates are designed to fit a wide variety of crampons and as such there may appear to be some play, especially in the width of the toe bale cut out with some crampons. With some strap crampons it is difficult to get the crampon straps tight enough to hold the plate firmly in place.  If you experience side to side movement of the plate when installed simply install two screws into the holes located under the forefoot (see photo 1).  Additional washers can be added to raise the screw head if additional traction is needed.  The heads of these screws will provide enough grip to eliminate any side to side play.



  1. To set sizing of the plate, first set your crampon to your boot size. Your normal size setting of your crampon should not need to be adjusted to install the plate, but if you prefer to run your crampons tightly you might need to loosen them a touch. Place the crampon on a flat surface and set the (large) forward portion of the ascent plate on the crampon with the crampon toe bale in the forward cut out. See Figure 1. It is better to have a little space here then to have the bale tight to the plate.
  2. Set the small back portion of the Ascent Plate on top of the front portion while it is still on top of your crampon.  Align the heel notches with the heel supports of the crampon.  See figure 2.
  3. Line up the small holes in the back plate with the holes in the front plate according to the position relative to the crampon. Note: that it is better to have the plates slightly small rather then pushing tightly against the toe bale.
  4. Secure the small portion of the ascent plate to the large with the included screws using at least two per side.  Ensure the small plate sits on top of the large and that the screws are installed from the top.  Do not over tighten.
  5. To install the crampon/plate on the boot simply place the plate over the crampon and line up the heel cut outs with the heel supports of the crampon.  Install the crampon as normal, ensuring that the ascent plate is centered on your boot.